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Q5000IR Sample Pans

Platinum (50 and 100 μL), ceramic (100 and 250 μL), and aluminum open (80 μL) and sealed (20 μL) pans are available for the Q5000 IR TGA. Platinum pans are recommended for most applications (ambient to 700 °C) for inertness and ease of cleaning. For operation to 1200 °C the ceramic pans (with ceramic bale) are recommended. The larger pan is best for higher volume / low density samples such as foams. The ceramic pans are also advised for samples that react with or form alloys with platinum. The aluminum pans are cost-effective substitute pans but cannot be used above 600 °C. The aluminum pans are also used in conjunction with aluminum lids to provide the sealed pan system. These new pans are designed exclusively for the Q5000 IR.