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Forced Convection Oven (FCO)

The Forced Convection Oven (FCO) is an air/N2 gas convection oven designed for optimum temperature stability, extremely rapid heating and cooling, and ease of use over the temperature range of –150 to 600 °C. The maximum controlled heating rate is 60°C/min and an optional liquid nitrogen-cooling device is required for operation to –150 °C. The FCO, used primarily for polymer melts and solids, provides superior temperature stability through the use of twin element heaters, which produce counter rotating airflow into a newly designed barrel shaped chamber, and three internal platinum resistance thermometers (PRT) at the top, middle and bottom of the chamber. The FCO features our new flexible accessory rail mounting system allowing oven installation on both the left and right side of the ARES-G2 test station, and comes standard with a long life internal LED lamp and sight glass for easy sample viewing during operation. The FCO can be optionally equipped with a new camera viewer with remote illumination and focusing. Used in conjunction with streaming video and image capture software, real-time images can be displayed in the software and an image is stored with each data point for subsequent viewing. The FCO camera viewer is an ideal tool for data validation. The FCO can be used with parallel plates, cone and plate, disposable plates, our new torsion
rectangular fixture and the extensional viscosity fixture (EVF)