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Q Series™ Thermal Analysis
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 ARES-G2 Rheometer
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   Forced Convection Oven (FCO)
   APS(advanced Peltier system)
   Recirculating Fluid Bath
   Peltier Plate
   Extensional Viscosity Fixture
   UV Curing
   Dielectric Analysis
   Electro-Rheological Analysis
   수직 중첩(OSP)
   DMA 기능
   계면 유변물성(interfacial rheology)
  Orchestrator Software
 고무 측정(Rubber analysis)
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TA Instruments offers a wide variety of measurement geometries including parallel plate, cone and plate, concentric cylinder, disposable, and torsion solid clamps. The geometries are offered in a variety of sizes, configurations, and materials of construction to satisfy any application requirement. A variety of specialty geormetries are also available, including immersion clamps, glass plates for optical measurements, mixing elements such as a helical ribbon and film/fiber fixtures. Your local TA Instruments representative can help you choose the right geometry for your specific application.