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The IQ/OQ Product Offering

The FDA and GLP require companies to certify and validate instrumentation. TA Instruments’ Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) procedures are targeted to meet that need. To obtain the IQ/OQ or OQ package, order:

  • PN 700710.001 QTGA/QSDT IQ/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700711.001 QDSC Series IQ/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700712.001 QDMA Series IQ/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700713.001 QTMA Series IQ/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700715.001 AR Series IQ/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700717.001 TAM Series IQ/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700718.001 NANO Series Q/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700723.001 Q5000 SA IQ/OQ MANUAL
  • PN 700700.904 IQ/OQ FOR Advantage Integrity™ Server

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