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Calibration with Certified Standards

TA Instruments offers calibration with certified standards for users of DSC, TGA, SDT, and TMA thermal analysis systems, and AR rheometer systems. These products are designed for all laboratories that require periodic recalibration (either by a qualified third party or by internal personnel) with traceable standards. Two options are available:

  • A qualified Field Service Representative will visit and provide the calibration using reference materials traceable to a National Reference Laboratory (NRL) and appropriate ASTM International Standard Procedures.
  • Kits containing the traceable reference material and appropriate test protocols are available for customers who wish to perform their own calibration. Kits are available for the DSC (PN 915060.901), SDT (PN 952384.901), and TMA (PN 944206.901).

For information or quotations:
Tel: 302.427.4050
Fax: 302.427.4054
E-mail: service@tainstruments.com