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Software Downloads & Support

TA Instruments strives to deliver high quality software products. These products are continuously updated to add features, support new instruments, and repair software issues. This site provides a convenient source for the most current versions of TA Instruments Software. In addition, your input regarding our software products is important to us.

Software Downloads

Upgrades to some of TA Instruments software are available to be downloaded. Select the product below to download the latest software revision.

Orchestrator Download Page

TRIOS Download Page

NANO Series Download Page

Please be sure to observe all applicable software license agreement restrictions when installing and using these downloads.

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience problems downloading files from this site please check the "Use Passive FTP" setting on your browser. Various situations may require that this setting be turned either on or off in order to download successfully. For IE 6 this setting can be found in the "Tools/Internet Options.../Advanced" menu, in the "Browser" section and is labeled: "Use passive FTP.(For firewall and DSL modem compatibility.)"

Software Support

If you've found a problem or there is something that doesn't seem to be working the way you think it should - let us know. Moreover, if you have a suggestion for a feature you think would enhance the product - we want to hear from you.

Please take a few minutes to fill out a software request report.

Report a Bug or Request a Feature

NOTE: If you need immediate assistance please contact the TA Instruments Hotline.

Please report any problems with this site to webmaster@tainstruments.com.