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TA Orchestrator Downloads

TA Orchestrator Version 7.2
(Build - Released 24 Feb 2006)

Please download and review the Orchestrator release notes before updating TA Orchestrator software below Version 7.2.

!!!WARNING!!! - Versions 7.0 or greater require Windows XP or Windows 2000 to operate. Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT are no longer supported.

Single File – Self Extracting Installation Images :

TA Orchestrator – V7.2 Release Notes

ReadMe72.pdf = 301 kB

TA Orchestrator – V7.2 Program
TAOrchestrator72.exe = 22 MB

This download is a full version of Orchestrator, but you must have a valid software security key to run it. If you are a registered Orchestrator user and already have a software security key from a previous Orchestrator version, this key will continue to function with this new version. If you do not have an Orchestrator security key please call your TA Instruments Technical Sales Representative for assistance.

Download format: A self-extracting executable archive format is provided for downloading RSI Orchestrator. Download and execute the self-extracting file to install Orchestrator.