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Tzero Sample Press and Pans

Tzero Press

A key contributor to the quality of DSC results is the sample preparation. The new Tzero press takes sample encapsulation to a new level of performance and convenience in crimp and hermetic sealing of a wide variety of materials. This new universal press has a smooth operating mechanism and automated force adjustment. The press kit includes die sets (4) for the new Tzero aluminum and Tzero hermetic pans / lids and also for our upgraded standard and hermetic pans / lids. Simplicity is inherent, since the die sets are magnetically attached with no tools or user adjustments required. In addition, each die set is color-coded to the box containing the compatible Tzero or standard aluminum or hermetic pans and lids. User benefits are significant; the press delivers unmatched sealing performance and ease-of-use, while the color-coding makes for error-free matching of the correct die set for a given
pan / lid selection and thus eliminates errors.

Sample Pans and Lids

A key element in the industry leading performance of the Q2000 series DSC is the new Tzero™ press and Tzero pan / lid technology, which deliver unmatched data quality in important DSC measurements requiring sensitivity, resolution enthalpy and temperature precision.