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TAM Ampoules

Disposable Crimp Seal Glass Ampoules

Disposable ampoules are the most convenient to use since they can be thrown away after use and no cleaning is required. The crimp seal ampoule is perfect for experiments at lower temperature ranges. They are available in 3, 4 and 20 ml sizes.

Stainless Steel Ampoules

Available in regular stainless steel or hastelloy, these ampoules are used for samples that either react with glass, are to be investigated at high temperatures, or where it is suspected that a gas will be evolved during the experiment which increases the pressure in the ampoule. Ampoule lids are screw top and are available in 4 and 20 ml sizes.

Heat Sealed Ampoules

The heat seal ampoules are sealed by melting the glass at the top of the ampoule. These are recommended when rubber caps would be affected by gases or liquid involved in a reaction. The reactants are completely surrounded by glass. They are available for a maximum sample volume of 5 ml.