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Titration Ampoule

The removable ampoules offer a level of practicality unmatched in the industry. TAM-ITC ampoules are easily removed and cleaned outside of the instrument. Competitive designs feature fixed cells which require thorough cleaning between experiments, and preclude visual inspection. The open vessels of TAM-ITC ampoules also allows solid suspensions, solid matrixes with attached living cells, macromolecules, etc. to be loaded into the reaction vessel. This allows ligand binding to the solid system to be measured. There is no possibility for this kind of matrix experiments to be run on competitive fixed-cell instruments.

In TAM-ITC different sizes of syringes ranging from 100 to 2.5 mL are available. The injections volumes/flow are controlled by a high precision syringe pump. Each pump can support two syringes. In addition, two pumps can be attached to one titration ampoule which is useful for studying enzyme kinetics. This option is not available in competitive designs.