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TAM III Lab Assistant Software 106MB, TAM Air Assistant Software 86MB

href="ftp://support.tainstruments.com/TAM Software/TAM III Assistant.exe"
target="_blank">TAM III Lab Assistant Software V1.1.10

target="_blank">- Installation Instructions

target="_blank">TAM Air Software V1.0.116

href="ftp://support.tainstruments.com/TAM Software/Installing TAM Air Assistant.pdf"
target="_blank">- Installation Instructions

Note: This software download is for customers with version 1.0 or
greater only. Customers with a version prior to V1.0 should
contact a service representative for assistance in upgrading to
the latest version

These downloads are a full version of the software and

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP (32-bit):

File Format: Self Extracting Setup Executable

Download Size:

TAM III Lab Assistant Software 106MB

TAM Air Assistant Software 86MB

Date Published: 5/06/2009


1. Click the associated TAM Software link on this page to start
the download.

2. Choose one of the following options:

? Select Run to start the installation immediately.

? Select Save to download the file to your computer for
installation at a later time.

3. Select the location to unzip the file

4. Open the newly created file and double-click on Setup.exe