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Orchestrator Software

The ARES Rheometers rely on Orchestrator™ software that provides an optimized software platform to take advantage of the many ARES Rheometer features. Test parameters and data are presented in an easy-to-use format. Rheology Advantage software is specially designed for AR Rheometers and features an intuitive layout, with customizable toolbars, helpful Wizards, and extensive on-line help.

  • Steady Shear (stress, strain, and time/temperature sweeps)
  • Dynamic Oscillation (frequency, stress/strain, time/temperature, and multiwave sweeps)
  • Transient (creep and stress relaxation)
  • Parallel superposition
  • Linear test modes including squeeze flow and pull-off tests
  • The latest mathematical models in addition to user-defined variables and models
  • A custom report writer using Microsoft Word® templates (Rheology Advantage)
  • Easily cut-and-paste graphics into other applications
  • Time-temperature superposition (TTS) for predicting long-term properties
  • Optional interconversion of linear viscoelastic functions
  • Optional molecular weight distribution (MWD) capability

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