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Q5000IR Autosampler

The integrated Q5000 IR Autosampler features programmable, 25-sample carousel and provides a new level of performance, flexibility and reliability in TGA sample analysis. All aspects of sample testing are automated and software controlled, including pan taring and loading, sample weighing, autosampler movement, furnace movement, pan unloading and furnace cooling. Autosampler productivity is maximized by our Advantage™ software, which delivers pre-programmed analysis, comparison, and presentation of results. The autosampler design provides smooth loading and unloading of the sample pan without disturbing the balance. The carousel accommodates platinum, ceramic, and sealed aluminum pans. A special autosampler feature is the patented pan punching mechanism designed to reliably open sealed aluminum pans used to protect atmosphere sensitive samples. The mechanism is force controlled, reliable, and contamination free. A special detection circuit prevents an “unpunched” pan from being placed into the furnace.