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Modulated DSC (MDSC)

MDSC offers all the benefits of standard DSC, overcomes its limitations, and provides further information for greater understanding of material properties. Specifically, MDSC permits separation of the total heat flow signal into its thermodynamic (heat capacity) and kinetic components. MDSC offers simultaneous improvements in sensitivity and resolution, and can separate overlapping events that are difficult or impossible to do by standard DSC.

TA Instruments patented MDSC ® technology extends DSC to provide the following:

  • Increased sensitivity for weak transitions
  • Simultaneous optimization of sensitivity and resolution
  • Improved capability for interpretation of complex transitions
  • Direct measurement of heat capacity.

Advanced Tzero™ technology included in the Q2000, makes MDSC experiments both faster and the results more accurate. Heating rates equivalent to those commonly used in standard DSC (10°C / min) are now possible. Over 90% of the leading researchers performing MDSC, use systems from TA Instruments - a point to note when choosing a DSC system. * US Patent Nos. B1 5,224,775; 5,248,199; 5,335,993; 5,346,306; 5,439,291