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DSC Autosampler

The Autosampler accessory provides reliable, unattended operation of the Q2000, Q200 or Auto Q20, even with the use of cooling accessories. The 50 sample, 5 reference pan carousel tray, enables research and analytical laboratories to run samples "round- the-clock". The Autosampler makes use of two independent robotic arms. The autolid arm manages the DSC cell's series of lids and heat shields providing repeatable thermal isolation of the DSC cell. The sample arm manages the loading of sample and reference pans in sequential or random order. An optical sensor, which ensures precise sample pan placement, guides the sample arm. The sensor is also used to rapidly, automatically, and precisely calibrate the system. Maximum productivity from the DSC Autosampler is achieved when paired with our intelligent Thermal Advantage Autoanalysis software, which permits pre-programmed analysis, comparison, and presentation of results. The Q Series™ DSC Autosampler is a powerful productivity enhancement tool for the research and analytical laboratory.