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Hi-Res TGA* is a patented furnace control technology that produces significant improvements over standard linear heating rate TGA in the separation of closely occurring decomposition events. Both the Q5000 IR and the Q500 designs are ideal for this purpose, with rapid response furnaces for tight precise temperature control and sensitive thermobalances designed to quickly detect small weight changes. Specific control algorithms (constant reaction rate and dynamic rate) are supplied with the Q5000 IR and are available for the Q500. Auto-stepwise isothermal is a third high resolution technique, and is supplied with all the Q Series™ TGA models. Each offers specific advantages in resolution, but the dynamic rate technique is simpler to use, requires less operator expertise, and generates high quality results faster than the other methods. This capability is particularly valuable in analytical methods development.

*U.S. Patent No. 5,165,792

Canadian Patent No. 2,051,578

European Patent No. 0494492