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Tzero™ is an advanced DSC technology that provides a fundamentally more accurate way of measuring heat flow. The heart of the technology is the revolutionary Tzero™ cell that makes more measurements than ever before, and delivers superior performance in both heating and cooling modes. The technology incorporates the best attributes of traditional heat flux and power compensation designs, and elevates performance to unprecedented levels. It is included in the new TA Instruments Q Series™ DSC modules and provides:

The cell contains a new and unique Tzero™ sensor that permits, for the first time, detection and compensation for resistance and capacitance imbalances. These imbalances can negatively affect baseline flatness, sensitivity, and resolution. The new measurements drive an advanced four-term heat flow expression that accounts for the imbalances and for heating rate differences during major thermal events (e.g. melting). The resulting heat flow signal provides a more accurate representation of the actual heat flowing to and from the sample. This level of implementation is termed Basic Tzero™, and is available in the Q2000 and Q200 Calorimeters.

A higher level of implementation - Advanced Tzero™ - is available in the Q2000. It accounts for pan contact resistance. It provides an even more accurate representation of the actual heat flows to and from the sample.

The Q20 DSC module offers the performance advantages of the Tzero™ cell, but employs only the traditional single term heat flow expression.